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Murderer New Draft


Earth 147 years in future is not great at all; since the 2000s, the Iraq war had continued and the Taliban have been growing in power, crime on every city street. The climate increasing in temperature, heat waves everywhere, and pollution getting worse; also the world population is growing rapidly and cities are extremely crowded and sweaty. So in the year 2077, the UN funded a company called Humanity, Inc. which will make plans to save humanity and prevent the Earth from getting too crowded and food from running out. So in 2101, Humanity, Inc. sends a team of astronaut to go the Earth-like planet known as EG-567 to see if it’s habitable planet for humans. In the future, NASA is no longer the only company that sends missions to space, now everyone has space missions. And the goal is get to EG-567 before any country goes there.

100 years later…
The spaceship known as Explorer 345 sent by Humanity, Inc. has reached the star system in which EG-567 is located. Like Earth, EG-567 is the third planet its star system, which is according to Earth science: the life zone of a star system. The star in this system is solar like the Sun and is twice the size of the Sun, and EG-567 is 4 times the size of Earth and each of the continents are 10 times the size of Earth continents.
The astronauts are awakened from cryogenic sleep and the astronauts include: Jessica, the leader of the group, Dylan, the co-pilot, John, a field worker, Daniel, another field worker, Jackson, the medical officer. After the wake up, they put some clothes and eat breakfast made their cooking- robot which cooks them, eggs, bacon and hash brown and some coffee. They talk to each other about what they’re going to do when they get back to Earth and when they finish eating, they get to work. They switch off the auto-pilot and have their computer scan EG-567 and the computer says in a mono-tone computer voice “EG-567: 100% liquid water, 99 % land mass, temperature: 2.3 ˚C ( 16 ˚F), Chlorophyll 100%, Oxygen: 100% and Carbon Dioxide: 100%, planet habitability: Absolutely”. Then they ask the computer “so the planet is habitable?” and the computer answers “correct, but unlike Earth it has way more water and way more land mass as well more oxygen and carbon dioxide and it  is way better than Earth in terms of how habitable it is”. Jessica says “so it’s a perfect planet for life, better than Earth?” and the computer says “yes”. The computer then says “it what it termed as the perfect Earth twin”
After the computer tells them that the Earth twin or Alien Earth as some call it is habitable, they go to land on the planet. Jessica and Dylan fly the ship to EG-567, this happens slowly and staidly because they don’t want to risk destroying the ship. Once they reach EG-567’s atmosphere the launch two probes named Darwin and Even to the planet which land the highly vegetated areas on EG-567. While, the astronauts decide to land in the desert and Dylan asks Jessica why they’re landing the desert and Jessica answers “because you don’t what’s in those plant areas where’s probably a lot of things that could kill you, so we’re landing the desert”.
Three hours later, they finally land on the EG-567 desert now classified as “Sun Desert” by one of the astronauts. The astronauts get ready to walk out of the ship with no space gear since there’s oxygen on the planet, but the computer tells them that must put on some gear and they ask why. The computer explains “you see EG-567 has a temperature higher than Earth, and EG-567’s atmosphere absorbs more of the star’s ultra-violet rays, making the deserts hotter. Buy in the jungle areas on EG-567 have water that evaporate and stay in the area, covering the jungle area in a watery mist that if you’re not wearing helmet can drown you and when leave the EG-567 jungle areas you come out all wet, because of the watery mist”. So they put on some suits that protects them from ultraviolent rays and then they walk out of the ship, meanwhile Darwin and Evan crash-land in a jungle area and scan for water and on their scanners it says “100% evaporated water and 99% liquid water. The two probes hover through the trees and things, in the desert the astronaut; all though they can feel the ultra-violet rays, they feel the heat which causes them to sweat. As they walk through the burning desert they stumble across a pond with vegetation and they see creatures in the water. Dylan pulls out a device with a vacuum-like tube and sucks up some of the water with the creatures inside, the device scans the water and says  “unknown organism length: 5 inches, gender: unknown, breathing method: unknown, diet: unknown”. Then Jessica asks “what kind creature is this?” and Dylan says “I don’t know, but it’s weird”, but farther away, something moves in the sand. 
Darwin and Evan continue their journey through the wet jungle and the film the jungle and they capture a four-legged extraterrestrial animal with no eyes walking and roars and then runs away. Then film a gigantic creature once again four-legged. Meanwhile in the desert John walks and stops for a breath and sees a dark figure standing on a sand hill far way and when he blinks the figure disappears. Later, the astronauts walk in a sandstorm and then Daniel screams and falls to ground which startles the others and see them sliding on ground almost like something’s pulling him. Then Dylan trips on a rock and drops the container that has the creature they found in the pond inside. The creature disappears and the Dylan gets up then Daniel stops sliding.
The crew gets back to ship and Jessica sends a report to Humanity, Inc. telling they’ve reached EG-567 and she tells them that the planet is hotter than Earth and has an atmosphere that absorbs more ultraviolet rays than Earth. But has lots of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the EG-567 manager asks Jessica “so EG-567 is habitable for humans?” and Jessica says “yes”. Then she hears Dylan screaming, they go see what’s wrong with Dylan and she yells “my arm! My arm!”, they tear her shirt and see the creature they in the pond is moving under her skin. And then Jessica gets a knife and cut Dylan’s arm to get the creature out and then they see the creature and then Jessica squishes the creature.
Jessica asks the manager of Humanity Inc. what do to do next. And the manager says “Come back to Earth, your mission is complete and now you have no reason stay on EG-567” and Jessica says “ok”. As they get ready to leave, the computer says “Jessica, my RADAR system is detecting a life form outside” and Jessica asks Dylan “is everyone in the ship?” and Dylan says “yes” and the computer says “it’s not human”. Then Jessica gets out of her seat and run to door and Dylan asks “what are you doing” and Jessica says “I’m going to see what kind of creature it is”.  Then when the door opens they hear a roar and something hitting the ground, it turns out to an alien. An alien that was knocked out cold by the door opening, but this one wasn’t just any alien, this alien has technology all over it and had a mask on its face and wires coming from its mask. Jessica realizes the alien is intelligent, Jessica tells the other crew members to take the alien inside. But the alien is too heavy; it takes the entire crew to take the alien inside the ship. Then Jackson asks the computer if it can do a scan of the alien and the computer says “yes, all metal objects and technology must be removed from the extraterrestrial in order for me to a scan of it”. So the crew removes the creature’s technology and things, when they take off the creature’s mask they see mask has wires that are going into the creature’s head, forming eye sockets. And Jackson pulls out the wires going into the creature’s skull and then they put the creature in a machine to be scanned. Jackson looks inside the mask and see the wire are coming from two lenses and Jackson tells the computer to scan after it’s finished scanning the alien. 
After the computer scans the alien, it says “well the alien you found is the first intelligent alien ever found” and the crew all say “yes” in excitement, because they’ve made a discovery that every scientist has been trying to make and the computer says “creature has no eyes” and Jackson says “that’s because it poked its eyes with these screws that wires on them”, then the computer says “well according to genetic mapping, this creature had no eyes when it was born”. Jackson says “well how’s possible?” and the computer explains “Well you see this species naturally has no eyes, but these extraterrestrials have large ear holes, so its hearing is fantastic. My scanners suggest that these aliens are dependent on hearing to move and explore the world around them; also the alien has nerves are over its feet that detect the creature’s location and sends it to the brain, basically the alien is able to feel the vibrations in the area it’s in and see where it is and react to any enemy its path. Also this alien has a lot of things you’d find in earthworms like the alien has setae on its back (which are hair-like structures that help an earthworm move underground)except the alien’s setae are spike-like, almost how an earthworm does, both the alien and earthworms have no eye, and both have regeneration ability”.  Then Jessica asks “and what do you mean the alien’s able to regenerate, what’s that suppose to mean?” and the computer says “it’s grow back any missing limbs, damaged skin; it also has brain that’s able to repair itself, so if the alien’s brain gets damaged, then the brain will repair itself” and Jackson asks what kind of skeleton does it have, and the computer says “the creature extremely bendy skeleton, which gives it the ability to move more quickly and has a lot of flexibility. Then the computer says “this alien is also very tall and thin and very muscular” and Dylan says “yes we know but what else” and the computer says “the alien is more muscular than us and gets taller than us and never grows any body fat, in fact this species is so muscular, they breathe 100% more oxygen than humans do; so much so that the aliens have microscopic pores all over its body that collect oxygen, making up for the lack of nose. And the creatures also produce 100% more carbon dioxide than humans do”.  And the computer says “this creature is the perfect organism”
Jackson has the computer scans the mask and the computer says “this mask made of 100% iron and has more kind of energy that’s interfering with my circuits and it seems this mask is the aliens’ eyes, because it’s biomechanical and gives the aliens the ability to see”.  Jessica sends another report to the manager of Humanity, Inc. that they’ve found an intelligent alien life form and she shows the information to him and asks “sir, should put it back outside or take back to Earth with us” and the manager says “take it with you, you found the very thing that scientists 20th and 21st century have been trying to find, you found the greatest scientific marvel, a course I want you to take it with you”.  Meanwhile, John sits next to the alien, but the alien keeps snoring. John can’t snoring so he hits the alien with a stick tells it to shut up, but the alien continues snoring and John gets angry and before he could hit the alien with the stick again; it wakes up and breaks his arm and it’s fingerless hand unhinges 6 fingers with razor sharps claws on them, which are the size of steak knives and stabs John with them and Jessica hears him scream. The rest of crew runs to medical room to see what’s going on. Meanwhile, the alien pokes it’s hand through John’s stomach and rips his intestines and puts all of its gear on and grabs the mask and puts the screws through the holes in the skull and seals the mask and shoots the bullet-proof window with a high-tech laser gun and walks through it, escaping. When the crew gets the medical room they see John’s dead body and Jessica asks the computer where the creature is and the computer says “the alien is still in the ship, Jessica”.  And then Jessica says “okay, let’s round up a search party”, then Jackson shows them all the equipment they’ll need such as: nets and a tranquilizer gun. But Jessica asks Jackson “what’s that gun right there” (on the table) and Jackson says “oh, this is a very dangerous gun, the Air Gun” and Dylan asks “what’s a Air Gun do?” and Jackson says “when it has a lot of oxygen in it and you pull the trigger then it’ll shoot the oxygen at the speed of light and blow apart anything in its path” and he demonstrates with Coke can and when he pulls the trigger the oxygen blows up the Coke can.
The crew continues to search for the alien and the computer tells Daniel that the water pipes are leaking and to go check it out. So Daniel goes to the water pipe room and sees the water’s leaking and looks like rain. The pipe room has tons of chains on the ceiling and hanging from the chains is the alien. Extremely silent and lifeless looking, with its head down, you can’t tell that it’s alive. Daniel cannot see the creature hanging above him, the creature slowly raises its head still silent, Daniel notices a shadow above him, and then he looks up and sees the alien. Then the rest of the crew hear Daniel screaming, meanwhile the alien kills Daniel by chokes him by rapping  a chain his neck and then stabs him with the wrist blade in the heart causing him to bleed and; the alien poke through his stomach causing a gallon of blood as well as his intestines and his stomach. Jessica shows up and sees blood on one of the chains.
Meanwhile, the alien takes the body of Daniel and John and the alien rips the bodies apart; rip of their clothes, hair, skin and head. While, the alien tears Daniel’s body apart, it comes across a necklace. It grabs the necklace and sees it has a lock, it opens it up and reveals a photo Daniel and his wife. The alien looks at it and puts the necklace in Daniel’s pocket, and stops tearing his body apart. Seeing the photo brought bad memories for the alien.
Later, Jessica and the other two survivors Dylan and Jackson continue their search and they’ve set up a trap for the alien and used a piece of steak as bait, but the cooking robot was going to make dinner with that steak. The cooking robot goes in the hallway and grabs the steak and standing in front of it is the alien and the cooking robot says “hello, sir would like any assistance” and the alien blows up the cooking robot with its laser gun.
Jessica sees the pieces of the cooking robot and says “well there goes our cook” and then sees the alien and then she yells and shoots it with tranquilizer gun 13 times and Jackson shoots more tranquilizers and they all shoot tranquilizer darts at the alien creature and they don’t do anything. Then Dylan shoots the alien with harpoon gun and hits the alien with a large hammer which angers the alien it grabs Dylan by her neck and then Jessica stabs the creature with a kitchen knife and heads the alien with a frying pan and pours extremely hot grease on the alien. The alien screams in pain and runs away. Then Dylan asks “why is it killing all of us?” and Jackson says “because we made it anger” and Jessica says “or maybe it’s killing us for fun, like a murderer”.
As they continue their search, the computer asks Jessica “why haven’t you used the containment procedures” and Jessica says “because we haven’t captured the creature yet, you stupid computer”, and the computer says “I’m not stupid, I’m extremely intelligent program that was installed in this ship, so don’t call me stupid Jessica” and Jessica whispers “yeah, whatever”. Meanwhile, in the dining room Dylan grabs a cigarette and lighter and smokes. Meanwhile, Jessica asks the computer “so how will it take to repair the cooking robot?” and the computer says “No worry, we have a second cooking robot on board in case this got destroyed or malfunctioned, let me activate the second cooking robot”. Then the second cooking robot is activated by the computer. Meanwhile, Dylan hears something walking in the hallway. She’s not sure it’s Jackson or the alien and takes out her tranquilizer gun and she hears growling and then she reloads her tranquilizer gun and when she looks up she sees the alien in doorway and she freaks out. She begins shooting her tranquilizer gun and the alien shoot her left arm (the cut arm) with its laser gun and it just blows up and she screams in pain. Then the alien pulls out its wrist blade and Dylan tries to run but fails and gets stabs through the chest.
Jessica and Jackson are now the crew members who are still alive. They sit in the medical room and Jackson says “we’re not going to capture this creature; we’re all going to die” and Jessica says “no we’re not as long as we have hope” and the computer says “we are leaving at once” and Jessica says “no we’re not you dumb computer program” and the computer repeats itself “we are leaving at once” and it says “we are leaving at once” again in a low-pitched voice and then in a high-pitched and then the voice becomes broken and sounds distorted then the lights go out and the scanner turns on and off and the entire ship shakes and the lights explode and the entire ship goes crazy, sparks shoot from all directions and the cooking robot shoot a dozen kitchen knives at the wall and the broken water pipes just explodes and all the water come crashing down the bodies of John and Daniel fall out of the air ducts and the alien tries to escape and the doors in the containment room close before it could walk out and the alien roars in anger and the door behind the alien closes and the alien becomes even more angry. The entire ship gets flooded by the water and the gasoline tank in the ceiling breaks and spills all over the alien who’s trying to break the door. 
The ship continues to go crazy and the computer system starts smoking and fires are everywhere. Then Jessica shows up and open the containment door leading to the ship but not the one leading outside and she looks at the alien says “You’ve killed my whole crew and you expect to escape you disgusting beast” and the alien roars and runs toward with its wrist blade and then Jessica cuts off the alien’s right arm with a machete and beats up the alien. Jessica just cuts the alien and beats it up and then the alien cuts Jessica’s back with its wrist blade and gets punched 10 times by the alien and then Jackson shows up with the Air Gun and shoots it at the alien and it blows its entire right side and the alien shrieks in pain, then Jessica hits the alien in the face with the machete knocking its mask right off. Then Jessica starts stabbing the alien’s head about 13 times and stabs it’s chest causing lots of blood to come out of the alien’s chest and the alien’s head spills a ton of blood and the alien roars and then Jessica stabs the alien’s stomach and pulls out the machete and a gallon of blood pours out the alien’s stomach and closes the door and presses the red button and it cremates the alien in this room. Since the alien had gasoline poured all over it, the alien’s skin burns a lot faster and the alien screams in pain as it gets burned in this oven, the fire burns the alien’s skull, cooking the brain inside and the alien shoots blade at the door causing all the methane gas to get in the ship and causing the fire to explode and the ship starts exploding. The alien continues to burn in the oven room and its brain explodes and its heart explodes and it dies. Then the oven explodes as well as the entire ship, Jessica make it out in time with an ultraviolet ray suit, but Jackson dies when the entire ship blows up. Now there’s no way to get back to main ship and now Jessica is stranded on EG-567. Jessica lays on the sand hill another spaceship shows up from the main ship Explorer 345 and Jessica says “great, I know I don’t have to sit here and rot in this burning desert”, she goes inside the spaceship and goes back to main ship. And she sends a report to Humanity, Inc. saying “The alien we found, had turned out to be hostile and it killed the entire crew; Dylan, John, Daniel and Jackson are dead, but I Jessica managed to escape, because the main ship sent a rescue ship three hours after I killed the creature and as well destroy the ship that we used to get here to EG-567. Well I’ll see you 100 years”; Jessica then goes into cryogenic sleep and the main ship sits in EG-567’s orbit, because Jessica wants to wake-up when Ark 1 arrives to EG-567.

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