Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Original Story of "Murderer"

Warning: This contain a lot of mistakes

What began as a mission to benefit humanity by making contact with aliens, has been turned into a crime scene.
A man drives home from work and as he drives from work, he sees a UFO. He stops to see what it is and as he stops, the trees start rustling in the wind and his cell phone goes out and a beam of red light hits his car. Then everything in his car starts floating to the car ceiling and the man looks out of his car and sees he’s going up in the air and he screams for help and he blacks out.
When he wakes up, people looking him and ask him who he is. The man asks where he is and the people answer “we’re on an alien planet” and the man questions that answer. Then asks what the year is and the people answer 2156 and he asks how could have been asleep for 147 years. He begins asking who these people and they tell him; they’re highly trained astronauts who are asking the same exact questions he’s asking. They tell him that they found his car along with other cars. To him this is all very strange.
And the astronauts it’s strange as well, they are on a mission on this alien planet to make contact in the inhabitants and they just came across a group of cars from the 21st century (the early 2000s to exact). And they wondered why are these old cars on this alien planet and how did they get there. And the American team had discovered a tube-shaped thing and when they opened it, it had a man in it that was preversed, nude and kept alive for 147 years. And after that discovery, more and more frozen people were found in these capsules that survived the test of time and hadn’t aged.
There are four teams of astronauts: The American team, the Russian team, the Japanese team and the French team. Their mission is to make contact with the intelligent life forms, and the American team asks the man they found frozen what the last thing he remembers was. He tells them that he remembers driving home from work and he saw a UFO and then his car floating with him inside. The funny thing is that people who were frozen are from different countries like Russia, Japan and France. This was very strange, the American send a report to NASA telling they found old cars from the early 2000s and found the drivers frozen in cyro. The American team sits down and eats. And their cook is a robot that programmed to cook a certain food; it’ll make it and make it good.
After dinner they all go to sleep, except for a woman who talks the man from the 21st century and asks him what his name is and the man tells Jerry. He asks if Earth has changed since he’s been gone, she tells him it has, she tells him people are eco- friendly, no uses trash cans anymore, everyone uses recycling bins, no uses gasoline for fuel anymore and everyone uses electricity for fuel and there’s cities on the ocean. Jerry says that’s very cool and they both go sleep. But the next morning, on the American team one of the astronaut’s named O’Neill gone and another astronaut lady  named Melissa wakes and asks where that astronaut is and looks at his bed and sees the bed is torn up and blood’s on the floor, screams “no”. She runs outside and sees the trail of blood ends at hole with organs in it and screams “no” in angry and sorrow.
Later, the rest of the American team asks Melissa what happened and she tells them that she doesn’t know. Astrobiologist Dr. Monique from the French team tells them their missing a team member. The Americans tell them they have a missing team member as well.
Melissa smokes a cigarette as they work and another astronaut lady named Jessica asks if Melissa if she’s going to okay. Melissa tells her that she loved O’Neill very much and it’s very sad to find the one love’s organs covered in blood and in a hole. Jessica tells her to it’ll be okay and dry her eyes, and then Jessica asks Melissa where the cigarettes are. When Jessica walks back to the ship to gets a cigarette she hears footsteps in the ship and walks back in the ship and she walks to box and grabs a person named Drew. Drew had stowed aboard the ship, Jessica ask way he followed her all the way to an alien planet. Drew tells her that he missed her and he was worried about her.
Jessica and Drew had quite a history on Earth, before Jessica trained to an astronaut. She was working at a fast food restaurant with Drew and she was a waitress and Drew was a waiter. Drew was an annoyance to Jessica and made fun of her, one time when she giving food to a costumer and Drew stood behind her and grabbed her phone her pocket and Jessica got angry at him. Another time, Drew told her he wanted to tell her a secret about how to get a date. He took her in the bathroom and went a stall, then Drew told her to close her eyes and while her eyes were closed. Drew untied her apron and took off her pants and while trying to take off her underwear Jessica opened her eyes and punched in the face and told Drew to get away from her. Jessica was very angry.
So Jessica doesn’t like him that much and she tells him he better not mess her up during the mission or she’ll shoot him into space. And Drew says he agrees. Later, the American team walks through the desert and they all complain about the heat. Then find a statue, the statue is made of 100% iron and was built 200 years ago in the year 1956. Israel, an astronaut from the American touches it and says it extremely hot; it burns when you touch it. The French reach the place where the statue is and they find out it’s in an entire abandoned city. They walk around the city which has been buried in sand and the Japanese arrive in their motorized vehicles. And all of the teams decide to set a base camp at this abandoned city. The American go underground and see metal structures that are just swallowed in sand and a metal device that was found by one of the American astronauts named John and it flies out of his pocket and goes in a lock and turns on some lights. The Americans go through many hallways, and meet the Japanese who had made discovery of sarcophagus of some sorts.
While, the Americans and the Japanese look at them they tell them they have to open them to see what’s inside. Then they hear John screaming loudly and they see him with hands on his hand, shaking his head like he’s in pain and then runs into the wall and dies.  They put his body in a body bag and wonder what made him run into the wall and kill himself, and then Japanese try to break open the sarcophagus and when they open it the Japanese astronauts' face are melted by acid of some sort. And when opened the sarcophagus it reveals a corpse, an alien corpse; the body was a skeleton already; and tell the Americans that found an extraterrestrial skeleton as well treasures.
The American’s medical officer does an autopsy on John’s body, he unzips the body bag and blood leaks out and sees the mouth was spilling out blood and the body had big wart-looking things on his face and pokes one of them with a scalpel a little and it pops and blood sprays on him.
Meanwhile, at the Japanese base camp, the Japanese astronauts drink beer that they took with them and two Japanese astronauts have sex in a sleeping bag and then a drunken Japanese astronaut looks at the planet’s moon and he sees something moving in the sand and he walks back to the camps and his chest explodes and sparks come out. And Japanese stop and then a blade flies through the air stabs a lady in her chest and the Japanese get out guns and then they fire their guns and Japanese men are pulled underground in holes and blood shoots of the holes and a naked Japanese lady screams in fear and runs away. And a Japanese astronaut is thrown in the air is torn apart they try to get out of the base camp and they’re sprayed with acid and some are melt. They’re all killed, heads get chopped off, blood either sprays or spills out of their bodies and organs are torn out.
The next morning, the American return to the abandoned city to see a dozen dead bodies, lots of sand and blood.  The Americans tell the French and the Russians that a dozen Japanese are dead. Dr. Monique tells them that they have lost contact with Russians and Jessica asks her why and Monique tells them because all the Russians were killed.
And the Americans are disturbed by this information, later the medical officer lays in his bed feeling very hot. He sweats a lot and he arms start itching, and he pukes. The Americans and French find survivors at the Japanese ship and ask what happened and they all say big monsters with guns attacked them and killed a dozen of their men.  The Americans question them about what the creatures look like.
Then they hear roaring and they run to where they hear the roaring and it turns out to be a dying alien. Not an animal, but the intelligent aliens and Jessica the Japanese if that’s what the monster looked like and they say yes. The take the bloodied alien to the spaceship and do examination of it and find out that the creature is part cold-blooded and warm-blooded and Jessica says a creature can’t be both cold-blooded and warm-blooded at the same time and the medical officer says according to science on Earth no creature can be warm-blooded and cold blooded at the same time. And the medical officer says the creature has a blackish red colored blood and has sharp teeth so it must be carnivorous. And he notices holes in its chest and tells them that he doesn’t know what to think of the holes in the creature’s chest.  He says “There’s so much about the aliens that we don’t know”.
Melissa takes a shower and starts washing her hair and as she does this she sings Long Tall Sally by Little Richard and when she opens her eyes, she sees blood on the floor and she panics and sees the blood is coming from her and she screams and blood starts coming off her mouth. Jessica hears roaring the shower and screams and runs to the shower. As the roaring goes on the alien they captured is roaring, then Jessica gets everyone to go in the shower.
Try to break open the door and when they do they hear roaring and Jessica ask Melissa what’s wrong. Then they see Melissa roaring with blood coming from her head, then her noise falls off and her skin begins to fall off. Then it shows an alien called the Master of Disguise by Daniel another astronaut, who roars and pukes on the medical officer and grabs Jerry and breaks his arm throws him across the room and tears off his arms hits him with his own arms. Then breaks some glass in the operating room looks at the injured alien and the injured alien looks back and the Master of Disguise alien grabs the injured alien and starts beating up the injured alien. It punches it a thousand times and bites it back and eats the injured alien’s flesh and then Jerry gets back on his feet and runs out of the spaceship and gets killed by other aliens which enter the ship and start killing everyone. An alien throws the Master of Disguise weapons and gear. A dozen astronauts on the American are slaughtered by these extraterrestrials. They take the injured alien away.
Jessica looks out of the ship and sees a bigger alien grabbing the injured alien by the head and roars then jumps goes into the ground.  Jessica then sends a report to NASA stating that they were attacked by extraterrestrials with advanced technology and the alien locals are not friendly. She says we had found an injured alien before the attack and then Melissa went to take a shower and she turned out to be an alien in disguise. She also says bigger aliens attacked and kidnapped the injured one.
Meanwhile, the aliens that attacked the Americans find the cryogenic capsules that the American has. Then they open them and one alien pulls a razor-sharp blade and stabs the person inside pulls the person out with its blade and lets go out the person who’s know dead. Another alien shoots some of the capsules with a laser gun, blood and green liquid fly into the air and fall back down. The alien with the injured alien, the leader of the group grabs person hasn’t wakened from the cryogenic sleep and tears the person apart.
To the aliens we’re like bugs that could just step on with no harm. The aliens are very angry that the Americans stole the injured alien, because the injured alien was police officer on their planet and these aliens are criminals, they’re gangsters that kill whatever they see whether it’s from another planet or not. They wear with graffiti on it
Before the humans came to make contact, the injured alien was a much respected police officer on its planet and was sent to find the gang’s hideout. This gang was known as the Bredordref (which is English written version of the alien word) which means the Killers of the Desert. He was from a desert society that likes live underground and the cities are just like elevators to get to the surface. It used a tracking device that it more technologically superior to any tracking device on our planet, then the police alien was infiltrated by the gang shoot its laser gun and fought them, but lost. The gang members abused the police alien and stole his gear and left the police alien to bleed in the sand, which lead to the humans finding the police alien. But the human didn’t know it was a police officer, they just called it the injured alien.
The gang takes the injured police alien and dead humans back to their hide-out which is underground. The gang tortures the police alien in all sorts of different ways, meanwhile the leader alien which is very dangerous crime lord who’s trying to rule over the lands. The leader is responsible for many attacks; the ganged terrorized a subarea area. They killed hundreds of neighborhood aliens. In many ways the leader alien is like Osama Bin Laden on the Alien World.
The leader tells a psychotic butcher alien to cut the humans they killed for food. The butcher does what the leader says and prepares the dead humans for lunch. But to the human astronauts they’re just any alien, not criminals.
Jessica waits to get a response from NASA and it finally happens, NASA tells Jessica they got her report. They tell that they must get off the planet and Jessica says that’s great and they tell her after they get back to main ship they must head back to Earth. Then they hear Dr. Monique scream and they run outside see an alien gang member ripping out Monique’s intestines and eating them and Jessica pulls out two pistols and begins shooting the alien and the alien grabs her and throws her. The alien takes Monique’s body and rips out all her organs and limbs, then Jessica closes the ship tell the other surviving crew members their leaving. They turn on the ship and they leave, as they reach the clouds Drew shows up asks “Are we forgetting something” and Jessica says no. Then Jessica asks where the French are and Drew answers “they’re all dead” and then stabs Jessica with scalpel and grabs her hair and pulls her down to ground and tell her he’s not Drew and Drew was the one whose organ in the hole and O’Neill is still alive and that he’s an alien in disguise. He says his gang is going to spread throughout the galaxy and that they know that humans are going to overpopulate Earth spread out and that his leader will kill the humans before the aliens’ military does. And gang member invaded the French ship are on board the main ship.
Jessica says “why are you aliens trying to kill us” and the alien in disguise as Drew says “because you humans are like ants, we can kill you without any law enforcement caring and you are going to rule over the galaxy in the farther future, and we will do what your dumb military failed a long time before, wipe you guys out”.  Jessica says “so you guys are like terrorists?” and the alien in disguise says “no we aren’t we’re gangsters, drug lords; and another reason we want to kill you humans is because we need a new planet to inhabit, because no one on our planet wants us here, so we’ll steal your planet” and the alien in disguise says “we are the ultimate murderers”.
Then Jessica is killed.

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